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  • Richard Griffin PhD, PG, CPSSc


Please note, the dates for this class have not been confirmed so please check back soon.

This course has been pre-approved by the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program. The course will cover a specific set of problem soils in the rapidly developing areas located to the northwest, southwest, and south of Houston, Texas. These areas include the Katy Prairie and the Brazos River influenced landscapes of the Upper Texas Gulf Coast Prairie. As defined by the Field Indicators of Hydric Soils (Version 8.1) in the Cautions section on page 3, there are hydric soils with morphologies that are difficult to interpret that include: soils with black, gray, or red parent material; soils with high pH; soils with high or low organic matter; recently developed hydric soils; soils with high iron inputs (USDA NRCS, 2017). Problem hydric soils are inherently difficult to interpret and describe due to either chemical or physical conditions within the soil environment.

Note: When soil morphology seems inconsistent with the landscape, vegetation, or observable hydrology, the assistance of an experienced soil or wetland scientist may be needed to determine whether the soil is hydric. The previous statement identifies “The Problem Soil”.

Topics covered in this class will include:

  • Overview of Problem Soils as identified by USACE 1987 WDM
  • Hydric Soil Definition, Indicators, and Cautions for the Upper Texas Gulf Coast Prairie
  • Wetland Hydrology Indicators and Cautions for the Upper Texas Gulf Coast Prairie
  • Katy Prairie Problem Hydric Soils – red chert, organic matter, pH, salinity, and microtopography
  • Katy Prairie Problem Hydric Soils – calcium carbonate, relict redoximorphic features, and microtopography
  • Brazos River Influenced Soils – iron content, organic matter, and landscape position
  • Classroom & “hands on” field discussions will prepare participants for these complex soils

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